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☆ Supernatural ★ Vampire Diaries ☆ The Walking Dead ★ The Big Bang Theory ☆ Kingdom Hearts series ★ Shin Megami Tenseri: Persona 3 & 4 ☆ Dragonball ★ Pandora Hearts ☆ katekyo Hitman Reborn ★ Impossible ships ☆ Fantasy books
Nerd pride

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You. Are. Mine.

When I watched the trailer, I kept on saying "oh my gosh" lol


Got me looking so crazy right now
Your loves got me looking so crazy right now.


this is my new favourite gif


i have never noticed before today that spidey wasn’t real

still laughing about it 3 hours later

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when i get a wrong number call and they don’t understand that they’re calling the wrong number.


Eris from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas—do not repost