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Nerd pride


this is my new favourite gif


i have never noticed before today that spidey wasn’t real

still laughing about it 3 hours later

when i get a wrong number call and they don’t understand that they’re calling the wrong number.


Eris from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas—do not repost

Eris, the goddess of discord
(Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas, 2003)


Sinbad: “bet you never thought I’d get us this far.”
Marina: “no, I didn’t. but Proteus did. for some reason, he trusts you.”



from Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas (Dreamworks Animation)

Voice of: Catherine-Zeta Jones

…because the ladies of Dreamworks need more appreciation posts, more coming soon!

Kotonoha no Niwa + Leaves


Sometimes I wish a man would look at me the same way that Eric looks at Ariel…

Then I remember that they actually do….